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After a deterioration in somebody's mental health, there is a struggle to get back on your feet. There are issues that people cannot even comprehend, understand or even realise. For me, it was wanting to feel physical pain to overwhelm the mental hurt. There was a feeling of isolation, I was alone. I did not want people to help me, I was trapped.

My photography has always been an attempt to understand myself, and the world that I have placed myself into. Throughout this period in my life I found comfort in a project focusing on an open Anglican church. There was an attempt to understand why this particular church was open to members of the LGBT community, something that still is not widely publicised.

Whilst feeling alone, I had managed to find somewhere to offer the support that I needed. The project ‘Untitled’ combines and juxtaposes two seemingly unique elements as a comment on the sense of community from my own eyes, and from the eyes of a Christian congregation. I blurred the lines between my personal and photographic lives.

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